DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Vehicle Complexity

Today's service environment demands a diagnostic solution that offers a combination of information, technology, and communication that enables you to support the vehicles of tomorrow.

Concept Car

Yesterday's battery and electrical service environment was fairly simple: 12-volt lead-acid battery, alternator, and starter. That's all changing. From Micro-Hybrid and Start‑Stop to multiple versions of Hybrid/EV vehicles, the future of battery and electrical system diagnostics has changed forever—and it's already here.

It used to be difficult to figure out the battery rating, rating system, or even regular flooded vs. AGM type when examining a battery. Compared to the new electrification xEV paradigm, that was easy.

The DSS-7000 provides the right mix of information, technology, and communication to make any battery sales or service location ready for whatever is ahead. Are you ready?