DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Service Challenges

As vehicle electrification continues to expand, new testing challenges must be addressed.

Technician and Customer

Vehicle electrification presents new challenges:

  • New battery chemistries/designs
  • New battery failure modes
  • New electrical systems and components
  • New battery management systems and components
  • New vehicle systems and controls
  • Hidden batteries and other electrical components

Are You Ready?

  • New battery registration and reset procedures are spreading across multiple OEMs, which means more vehicles that will require communication to the vehicle ECU to perform complete battery service
  • New batteries, systems and components will require improved technology for accurate diagnostics
  • Battery locations will differ by vehicle make and model and may be difficult to find or access
  • Battery chemistries, type, and construction will vary greatly, creating the need for service tools that identify the vehicle, battery, and correct diagnostic routine
  • A growing assortment of vehicles means service tools will need to evolve and expand with the market
  • More vehicles with advanced battery management systems means service tools need to talk to the system and analyze the battery/electrical system at the same time
  • More choices and its key role in modern vehicles means that selecting the correct battery size, chemistry and type during replacement is more critical for vehicle performance, customer satisfaction, and to keep warranty costs down
  • The role of the battery is changing from starting only a few times a day, to multiple times per trip while handling the load for an expanding array of electronics, which drives the need for improved measurements and diagnostics
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