DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System. The Future of Battery Management.

Vehicle electrification is rapidly expanding. Prepare for the future of battery service with the advanced technology and new capabilities in the DSS‑7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System.

Testing Testing Testing

Advanced Testing Capabilities

Conductance Profiling™ gauges the battery's capability to start the vehicle, as well as its reserve capacity to support auxiliary power for accessories.

VIN Database-driven Testing

Easily capture the VIN with CVG data transfer from the OBD‑II port or scan using the built-in camera to perform vehicle-specific diagnostics, including battery reset or registration.
Apps Apps Apps

Automated Service Apps

Vehicle service apps offer complete, quick, error-free testing–ideal for busy shops and less-experienced technicians.
Tablet Tablet Tablet

Durable touch-screen controller

Removable, full-color, 7-in. controller offers easy system navigation and supplies detailed reference information and test results.