DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Database-Driven System

Vehicle VIN capture enables users to access key vehicle-specific information and creates and maintains comprehensive vehicle service history records.

Confirm Vehicle Record

Information for Testing

  • Ensures correct testing is done for vehicle by identifying vehicle VIN which allows the DSS‑7000 to know the vehicle and system type, and required diagnostic procedure
  • Fast and easy VIN capture by using the camera in the tablet, through vehicle communications via the OBD‑II port and CVG, or by entering the information manually with the keyboard
  • The vehicle's battery and system parameters are presented to the user for confirmation, eliminating testing input errors
Vehicle History Testing

Vehicle History

When the vehicle is first received at a service location, the VIN must be captured to create a vehicle record. Once this record is created, the VIN will be accessed by the technician at the beginning of any service application so the vehicle history can be amended with each service performed.

VIN-indexed vehicle histories can be used as a local function at the service location using the tablet controller or across the service network through a BMIS subscription that would allow vehicle histories to be shared between locations.

In retail locations, the same process can be used to create a battery history by scanning the battery's serial number and creating a battery ID-indexed history.

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