DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Service Location Apps

Apps designed specifically for the most common service tasks.

Preventative Maintenance

Walks the user through a preventative maintenance vehicle check. It is important to test the battery of every vehicle that comes in for service, as there is often no outward sign that a battery needs to be replaced. This app automates battery testing, allowing the user to operate quickly with just a few simple steps in the process. In addition, the DSS-7000 offers multiple ways to present test results to customers — review the results on screen, print to a network printer, or e-mail the results to a customer. View Screen

Service Return

Helps troubleshoot battery and electrical system issues. Users enter symptoms as part of the testing process and the DSS-7000 uses a step-by-step approach to walk through a battery and system test and analyze electrical system issues. The DSS-7000 also stores entered symptoms in the vehicle history record for improved diagnostic results in the future. View Screen

Battery Replacement

Tests a new replacement battery to ensure that proper installation has occurred. With this app, the user can ensure that the vehicle's electrical system is properly functioning after the new battery installation. The DSS-7000 will also communicate directly with the vehicle to register the new battery if necessary for that vehicle and can provide battery reset information to show which systems may need to be checked/reset if the battery power was interrupted during replacement. View Screen

Lot Management

Schedule regular maintenance of the batteries in new vehicles stored on a dealer lot to ensure they are ready for customer demonstration and sale. Using information gathered during initial PDI when vehicles are delivered from the factory, the DSS-7000 lists vehicles due for battery screening so they can be tested and charged if required. View Screen

PDI - Vehicle to Dealer

Ensures that each new vehicle undergoes a proper battery test upon delivery from the factory. This is an important task to confirm each new vehicle starts with a good battery and to open a record for each new vehicle in the database for using the lot management app. This PDI record also verifies that a dealer has properly maintained vehicle batteries in the case of warranty disputes.

PDI - Vehicle to Customer

Tests the battery in each new vehicle before customer delivery to ensure that each new vehicle starts with a good battery and to prevent potential customer service or warranty issues. This app automatically clears the vehicle from the lot management app maintenance schedule.

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