DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Retail Location Apps

Apps designed for the most common battery service functions in a retail environment.

Preventative Maintenance

Walks the user through a preventative maintenance vehicle check. It is important to test the battery of every vehicle that comes into the location for service, as there is often no outward sign that a battery needs to be replaced. This app automates battery testing, allowing the user to operate quickly with just a few simple steps in the process. In addition, the DSS-7000 offers multiple ways to present test results to customers — review the results on screen, print to a network printer, or e-mail the results to a customer. View Screen

Battery Replacement

Tests a new replacement battery to ensure that proper installation has occurred. With this app, the user can ensure that the vehicle's electrical system is properly functioning after the new battery installation. View Screen

Stock Management

Schedules regular testing of batteries in inventory to identify any batteries that require charging and ensure that all batteries in stock are good for sale to customers. The schedule information is available via an icon on the tablet controller screen and also feeds reminders to the user within other parts of the user interface.

Battery Carry-in Return

Tests batteries that customers bring into a location for possible return. These batteries are tested outside the vehicle, so this app adjusts the testing routine to prompt the user to enter needed battery information, as these parameters cannot be automatically identified through vehicle VIN scan.

Battery Return Vehicle

Identifies potential issues with the battery or electrical system when a customer brings a vehicle into a location for possible battery replacement. If testing determines that the battery needs to be replaced, this app also prompts the user to run the Battery Replacement app after new battery installation. Also includes a system test option to ensure that a faulty starter or alternator is not contributing to the poor state of the battery. View Screen


Tests each new battery before customer purchase to ensure that every battery sold is good and to prevent potential customer service or warranty issues.

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