DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Expanded Battery Diagnostics

Complete battery system service, including low Reserve Capacity identification, battery registration, and reset information reduces the need to retest and offers more definitive diagnostics.

Test History

Reserve Capacity

Today's batteries must stand up to more demand on their resources than ever before. Batteries are expected to support every vehicle option – from power windows and seats, to heated steering wheels, to DVD and MP3 players—and still start the car. Plus, in start‑stop vehicles, they're required to start the car a lot more often.

  • Conductance Profiling™ analyzes the battery's capacity capability
  • Combined with our industry proven conductance technology and proprietary algorithms, Conductance Profiling allows the DSS-7000 to determine the battery's ability to support the vehicle's auxiliary power requirements, generating a low Reserve Capacity warning when the battery's RC degradation may affect overall vehicle performance

More Decisive Results

Improve battery diagnostics with Conductance Profiling technology:

  • Provides a more complete picture of the state of the battery, delivering better decisions
  • Improves accuracy and decisiveness in partially discharged conditions, resulting in less charge and retest
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