DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Battery Registration and Reset

The DSS-7000 organizes and simplifies the additional work required after battery replacement, with built-in processes that include automated battery registration and battery reset procedures.

Battery and Speedometer

Battery Registration

In order to keep the electrical system running at maximum efficiency, many newer vehicles automatically adjust charge cycles and alternator settings based on battery age and mileage.

When a battery is replaced, the new battery must be electronically registered within the vehicle's computer system to ensure that it is properly recognized as a brand-new battery.

The DSS-7000 identifies vehicles that require new battery registration and performs the necessary vehicle communication routine to complete the job.

Battery Reset

Battery Reset

When a vehicle’s battery power is disrupted during maintenance, various electronics in the car often need to be reset. Affected electronics could be a varied list including power windows, sunroof, power steering, sound system, etc.

As part of the Battery Replacement app, the DSS-7000 presents an organized checklist that walks the user efficiently through all the steps required to ensure the customer’s vehicle and its accessories function as they did when brought in for service.

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